Advantages of Sachets


Having sachets as small portion packages meant for single serving are very cost-effective and pocket-friendly. For the companies introducing their products in sachets, it becomes an important cost-cutting tool that maximizes the sale and reduces packaging cost. The sale gains weight since the consumer who does not want to purchase bigger portions will tend to buy smaller portions and that too in a pocket-friendly manner.


Handling and carrying sachets are far easier than carrying the larger portion packs. Sauces, shampoos, detergents and many more come in bigger portion bottled packs. They can't be carried while travelling or for short trips. Instead, it becomes much easier and convenient when the same thing gets handy as single-serving smaller portion packs. Just the idea took up the FMCG sector and introduced were the sauce sachets, detergent sachets, shampoo pouches.

Use and throw:

Simple packaging allows the contents of the sachets to be used and the packet thrown easily. While the similar things coming in glass bottles or bigger packs have to be carried during travelling until you find the proper disposal bin or site.


You can find sachets intended for single serving packs like sauce sachets, spiced sachets, etc. in any drive-through eat points. They make the job easier both for the seller as well as the buyer. Pouring the condiment takes more time rather than keeping as sachet along with the snack in the delivery bag.


The sachets are sealed from three or four sides. This makes them leak-proof and you can keep them safely anywhere without having worried about the contents getting leaked. While the larger portion bottled packs tend to leak from the top of the bottle gets turned upside down in a luggage bag while travelling contaminating other accompaniments.


Small sachets have enhanced the elegance and are more presentable